Oculus’s Enterprise Architecture (EA) practice is founded on the basis of supporting our clients to use EA to produce value.  Too many times EA practices become documentation generation exercises. We support our clients in taking a long-term view of their IT infrastructure, focusing on meeting their arising challenges, such as lack of a coherent IT strategy, duplication of IT investments, and insufficient resources of EA implementation. Our EA approach allows our clients to continue their current business operations and maintain and enhance their ability to meet changing business needs and requirements. We seek to help our clients identify what goals they want their architecture to solve and work with them to define what changes need to be applied to the existing environment. We apply a disciplined approach that incorporates frameworks such as Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF), Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF), and The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF). We combine these frameworks with appropriate modeling tools and language to help the client identify the future state, what that looks like, and how they can get there by gathering the right data and presenting usable models that drive performance measures.