Oculus works to understand your organization’s mission and to apply technical and managerial expertise to each verification and validation task. Oculus offers both project-level and enterprise-level IV&V services. Our award-winning IV&V methodology was developed by Oculus’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Mary Wu, who designed our highly efficient and cost-effective approach to better serve clients in the federal sector. We use a results-driven approach that allows rapid assessment and built-in quality assurance. Our approach has been standardized for our IV&V services for both the federal and private sector, and yet allows the flexibility needed for customization to meet specific client needs. We conduct IV&V for various software development life cycles, such as agile and waterfall methodologies. Through our process-driven and systematic approach, we are able to provide our clients with objective assessments of program/project cost, schedule, and performance, while identifying risks and gaps and providing recommendations from the concept stage through the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) phase. Our comprehensive IV&V services include project oversight, risk analysis, requirements traceability analysis, business process evaluation, audit support, requirements analysis/review, implementation plan review and audit, design documentation review, defect analysis and reporting, test witnessing, and independent testing.

Redefined IV&V:
Innovation, Vision & ValueSM

We have redefined IV&V services by providing innovation, vision, and value. Our methodology focuses on identifying the best processes for your specific systems or programs rather than using costlier models from an auditor’s book. Our recommendations are accompanied by a cost-benefit analysis that puts desired future outcomes in the context of the current budget environment and sets an appropriate verification and validation level of effort for the life of the process. Additionally, our service adds value by alleviating budgetary pressure through early detection and correction of product anomalies.

Independent Insight:
Technical, Managerial, Financial.

Oculus strictly adheres to industry standards for independent assessment, ensuring absolute objectivity. We have been free from Organizational Conflict of Interest (OCI) issues for all of our engagements. As a resource separate from the technical development team, we use our own set of evaluation and analysis tools to find anomalies that may have been overlooked by those too close to the program/project. We are also separate from the program/project management organization, which enables us to independently select program/project components to analyze and evaluate. Our financial independence from both groups means that we can carry out tasks without the risk of funding diversions or other monetary pressures.

Technical Capabilities. Project Management Expertise.

We offer a broad range of IV&V services for both small and large projects including enterprise-level IV&V. Drawing upon industry best System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) practices including agile methodology and Rational Unified Process (RUP), combined with decades of strong technical and management experience, we provide cost-effective verification and validation of software applications or non-IT programs. We have extensive experience with IV&V activities using an integrated or iterative approach.

For each IV&V project, we first establish a clearly-defined IV&V strategy that sets priorities and aligns the IV&V goals and objectives with your organizational goals and business needs. This strategy then drives all IV&V activities from planning to implementation. Our strategic technical approach contributes to efficient resource allocation and project management, which ultimately leads to cost-effective services.

A Snapshot of Oculus’s IV&V Services:

  • Procurement
    Requirements Review; Statement of Work Review; Vendor Proposal Evaluation
  • Planning
    Concept of Operations (ConOps) Validation; Project Schedule/Plan Review; Project Management Discipline Verification; Performance Measurement
  • Implementation Development
    Project Controls Verification; Human Factor Analysis; Quality and Performance Assessment; Work Products and Formal Deliverables Review; Business Goals/Objectives/Requirements Assessment; Project Status Assessment; External Management/Oversight Group Interface
  • Deployment
    Go/No-Go Assessment; User Documentation Evaluation; Comprehensive Training Evaluation; Configuration Audit
  • Operations/Maintenance
    O&M Plan and Procedures Review; Performance Measurement and Improvement

In addition to typical IV&V activities, our IV&V offerings also help identify improvement opportunities and evaluate output, so our clients can be confident they are using the right process to implement the right system or program to meet their organizational needs.