Oculus helps clients identify and remedy software/system problems before they become costly operation and business issues for their organization. We test single systems or software applications, or we establish and operate enterprise-wide testing centers for your entire organization. We offer black-box (functional), white-box, system performance (load and stress), security, accessibility (Section 508), and usability testing. We also support our clients with System Acceptance Testing (SAT) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT). Our comprehensive testing services provide additional assurance that the provided system is robust and reliable and meets your organizational needs and requirements.

Computer Systems or Targeted Applications

Whether the target software application or computer system is broad in scope or narrow in focus, we apply the same technical expertise and attention to detail. Our goal is to ensure that the to-be-deployed application or system is robust, complies with regulatory and agency requirements, and meets user needs.

Lifecycle Testing in Enterprise Test Centers

Oculus provides expert support in establishing and operating agency-wide enterprise test centers that serve as a critical quality control point during the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Before the deployment or release of software applications or computer systems, we conduct various levels of testing ranging from software functionality, Section 508 and usability, to system load and stress testing. We align our testing strategy with our client’s requirements and organizational needs. In addition, we develop test scenarios to ensure that application or system development supports business processes from an end-to-end perspective. Additionally, we provide risk identification and assessment by giving each risk area a rating of high, medium, or low on a system test card. Risk identification and assessment are accompanied by recommended mitigation strategies and actions for correction. Based on each project’s specific needs, we may also conduct system security testing and evaluation to support security Certification and Accreditation (C&A) efforts.

A Snapshot of Oculus’s System Testing Services:

  • Accessibility Testing
    Section 508 compliance (both manually and using testing tools)
  • Functional Testing
    Test cases/scripts development; end-to-end testing; system test card
  • Load and Stress Testing
    System load and limits (stress) testing using automated tools and manual testing techniques
  • Usability Testing
    Evaluation of user experience using a quality control usability testing model
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Facilitation
    Development of UAT plans and structures that may include the following:

    • Support for UAT test scripts and test data preparation
    • UAT framework that allows users (or customers) to test the system/application in real world situations by using simulated test cases/scenarios
    • UAT process tracking that addresses issues and attitudes that may be encountered during UAT
    • User acceptance criteria

From functionality testing through UAT, our independent testing methodology is built around foresight that can help move your mission-critical application/system from the present into the future.